About #LightToMigraine

A seventh of the world population, about a billion people, lives in the dark, suffering in silence the symptoms of migraine, a disease that lacks the recognition it deserves.

For this reason, we launch #LightToMigraine, an initiative arising in order to mobilize and activate the Affected Migraine community, show how extraordinary they are, and generate knowledge and support about what migraine and chronic headache mean.

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About The Migraine Movement

This movement seeks to engage patients, the healthcare sector, the public sector and society in general to drive research and education, thus improving patients’ quality of life, early diagnosis and access to effective treatment.

Our goal is to strengthen our voice and to create a wider movement of advocates.

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Press release

EMHA has presented, as special guest during the 19th Congress of the International Headache Society, the movement #LightToMigraine, an initiative arising from the need to generate knowledge about what migraine and chronic headache mean, and what it represents for sufferers.

We presented this campaign by simulating a blackout as a metaphor for the situation in which people with migraine live.

Press Release

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