Migraine and Headache Association of Spain

AEMICE - Asociación Española de Migraña y Cefalea

The Spanish Association of Migraine and Headache (AEMICE) pursues, among other objectives, to help patients with disabling headaches such as Migraine, Cluster Headache, Daily Chronic Headache, Daily Tension Headache, etc., helping them to be heard by society, be encouraged and be more taken into account by health authorities.

Radio interview:  http://www.rtvc.es/canariasradio/multimedia/La%20alpispa-8675/05-12-17-227.aspx#.Wilj77SdWqB

Contact Info:

Migraine and Headache Association of Spain

Calle Bausá, 9. CP. 28033 Madrid

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