CIRNA Group Foundation

La Fondazione Cirna Onlus

Founded in 1990 for the purpose of promoting and carrying out studies and research in the fields of clinical neuroscience, Cefalee Medicine in the first place, the CIRNA ONLUS Foundation – acronym of Centro Italiano Advanced Neurological Research (originally Applied) – has been recognized by the Ministry of Health (Ministerial Decree 2 February 1995, OJ No. 66/20 March 1995). From 3 March 2009, the Foundation is registered in the Single Register of the ONLUS (non-profit organizations of social utility). Its primary purpose is the exclusive pursuit of purposes of social solidarity in the field of neuroscience, through transfer ( translational research) from the laboratory to the patient of the most recent acquisitions of functional neurology, in particular regarding the development of innovative strategies aimed at the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of headaches and disorders of adaptive behavior.

The Foundation also aims to encourage the dissemination of information regarding the universe of cephalalgia syndromes: primary (idiopathic), secondary (symptomatic), comorbid (associated).

Contact Info:

CIRNA Group Foundation

Piazza Castello,19, 27100 Pavia

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