Headache Association of Ticino

Associazione Cefalea Ticino

The Associazione Cefalea Ticino is a nonprofit association that promotes communication, discussion, and mutual support among people with headache or migraine. Information and prevention are the most effective weapons. The Associazione Cefalea Ticino promotes information and prevention initiatives aimed at increasing the knowledge of  headache.

The association is committed to the Ticino territory, carrying out its activities in the field of health education by promoting events in collaboration with specialist medical staff. Health education meetings on headache issues in all its forms also take place with the aid of audiovisual material.

Fundraising during awareness campaigns occurs through the sale of beneficial products. The Associazione Cefalea Ticino has contributions and donations from its associates and supporters.
(ACTI) Purposes:
promote initiatives and activities aimed at achieving the following goals:

• Improve communication around the topic of headaches
• To disseminate information material that is simple and accessible to everyone
• Make new therapies known
• Facilitate communication between patients and doctors
• Direct cephalalgial patients to appropriate facilities or clinics
• Provide useful help and information
• To promote and organize initiatives and thematic events
• Encouraging spontaneous aggregation, free communication and expression, cooperation and solidarity among individuals
• Be a reference point for headache patients to enjoy well-being and relief
Gruppo Facebook Emicrania (Ass. Cefalea Ticino) https://www.facebook.com/groups/emicrania.emicrania/

or  https://www.facebook.com/cefaleaticino

Youtube channelAssociazione Cefalea Ticino : https://www.youtube.com/user/Cefaleaticino

More information:  info@cefaleaticino.ch


Contact Info:

Headache Association of Ticino

Associazione Cefalea Ticino Casella postale 1902 CH-6830 Chiasso 1

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