Migraine Association of Finland

Suomen Migreeniyhdistys

President : Marika Aro

Migraine Association of Finland supports and promotes the quality of life of people with headaches and cooperates with healthcare professionals. The association is for people with e.g. migraine, cluster headache, trigeminal neuralgia or other rarer headache disorder, their relatives and others interested in the subject.

The association was founded in 1995, and promotes the interests of its members and acts as an expert on migraine and other difficult headaches. The association affects the development of research and rehabilitation of headaches in cooperation with various bodies at national and international levels. The association increases the awareness of headache disorders among both those who suffer from it and other people and health care professionals.

The purpose of the association is:

  • To promote the quality of life for people with headaches
  • Supervise the interests of its members and act as an expert in headache issues
  • Seek to facilitate the social status of headaches, promote their care and influence the development of research and rehabilitation of headaches in co-operation with various actors at national and international level
  • To increase the awareness of headache disorders among both sufferers and the rest of the population

Migraine Association Values

  • Respect for illness: understanding, expertise, helping
  • Expertise: advanced, multidisciplinary, beneficial to membership
  • Performance: measurable results, method transparency
  • Cooperation

Executive DirectorSirpa Hietaranta

Contact Info:

Migraine Association of Finland

Sähköttäjänkatu 2 B 00520 Helsinki toimisto(at)migreeni.org

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