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About the My Migraine Voice Study

The My Migraine Voice study is the largest global study of people living with migraine ever conducted. It involved more than 11,000 people with migraine from 31 countries.1


MMV was conducted between October 2017 and February 2018. All participants had their migraine diagnosis confirmed by a healthcare professional, and reported having at least four migraine days per month.

  • 90% reported having tried preventive treatment
  • Out of this group, 80% needed to change the preventive treatment due to:
    • one treatment failure (approximately 10%)
    • two or more treatment failures (approximately 90%)

My Migraine Voice Study Results:

The findings help build understanding of the experience of people living with migraine. Migraine is estimated to cost up to €27 billion in Europe2,3 and around $20 billion in the US annually,4,5 including indirect costs such as lost productivity.

Download MMV Resources

EMHA has worked to develop a set of resources, including infographics and social media posts which aim to improve understanding and recognition of the impact of migraine. These resources were developed with the support of Novartis and can be downloaded here:


English Download Resources


Spanish Download Resources


German Download Resources


Italian Download Resources


French Download Resources

The objective was to understand the worldwide migraine burden from the perspective of those living with migraine by:

  • Describing the social, economic and emotional impact of the disease
  • Understanding the real-life experiences of individuals living with migraine
  • Understanding the journey of people living with migraine through the healthcare system and employment environment

Through their partnership with Novartis, leading medical experts and patient organizations (European Federation of Neurological Associations, Migraine Action and the Migraine Association of Ireland) the EMHA developed and conducted My Migraine Voice, the largest ever global survey of people living with migraine.

EMHA Migraine at work survey results

In 2018 and early 2019, the EMHA conducted the Migraine at Work survey in six languages. You can read more about the results here.


English Download Resources


Spanish Download Resources


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