EMHA New Corporate Website

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European Migraine and Headache Alliance (EMHA) has launched a new version of its corporate website: www.emhalliance.org

The website has a number of new features to improve user experience, including:

  • A complete refreshed homepage where we have implemented a calendar in which users can see the great activity of EMHA for every month, all the congresses, events, meetings and acts we will be assisting to.
  • A new slider which shows the events we have participated in with a brief description
  • A new space called EMHAnews (in substitution of EMHA Magazine) in which we will be updating more internal news of the organization and as we have been doing till now all kind of interesting articles about new treatments, studies; etc
  • We have also created a new logo which is present all through the website.

The content and structure remain unchanged. The site’s URL for EMHA News is new, however, the previous URL (emhamagazine.com) will continue to work, thanks to one-to-one redirection.

To provide general feedback on the new EMHA’s corporate website or to make suggestions for future improvement, please write to communications@emhalliance.org EMHA will take all feedback and suggestions into account!

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