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IN MEMORIAL Dr. Paolo Rossi

Dr. Paolo Rossi, was Chief of the Headache Clinic at INI Grottaferrata in Rome and Head of Clinical Neurology at the Nursing School at Tor Vergata University. and member of EMHA’s Board.

Paolo was in particular renowned for his international work in Cluster Headache and for passionately and tirelessly working for a better understanding of the condition and for improved treatment to people who suffer.

But mostly Paolo will be remembered by all our members across Europe as a patients champion. His warmth and humanity were felt by everyone who knew him. His untimely death has left us shocked and bereft. We send our deepest sympathy to his wife and two daughters whom he adored.

Patrick Little
President European Migraine and Headache Alliance

Strategic plan

With the aim to serve to its mission, EMHA has developed a strategic plan focused in giving the tools and resources to all members of the organization in order to be stronger and more effective as we all row in the same direction.

In order to provide focus and direction to move from plan to action, we design specific projects in improving the lives of patients working actively with EMHA’s members, medical societies and gubernamental institutions to encourage an holistic approach to the understanding of headache disorders, knowing that patients will benefit from our efforts.

As a non-profit association, we encounter with the altruistic collaboration of our sponsors, the pharmaceutic industry. Thanks to them we can face own research and projects such as: Access to Care survey, Migraine at
Work, Cluster Headache and Work Life in the European Union survey, among others.


“Migraine is the third most common disease in the world, with an estimated global prevalence of 14.7% (that’s around 1 in 7 people)” . This means that we all should know many more people who suffer migraine, but the truths is we don’t as they don’t mention it.

In order to give voice and visibility to the affected ones, EMHA is trying to show up how extraordinary those sufferers are that try to live a normal life while they have to cope with their Migraine attacks without any help, support or recognition from the Society, becoming the voice of these extraordinary people in Europe.
Therefore EMHA is committed in:

  • Promote awareness, understanding and recognition of Migraine, Cluster Headache and other headache disorders.
  • Improve patients’ access to appropriate diagnosis and treatment.
  • Activate the Migraine Community to re-engage with the Healthcare System.
  • Provide reliable information to patients to give them appropriated tools to cope with their condition.
  • Voice the views and concerns of headache patients associations across Europe.
  • Give visibility to migraine, cluster headache and other headache disorders.
  • Inform and influence policy makers on headache disorders.
  • Work in partnership with other relevant organisations to promote common aims and goals.
  • Co-ordinate and add value to the efforts of national advocacy groups in Europe.
  • Provide hope for those affected by headache.

Organization Goals

To be the representative of all European Migraine and Headache associations, to help them to spread the voice of headache disorders, to be understood and recognized in all health systems, helping patients to be well informed and have equal access to appropriate diagnosis and treatment.


Being aware of our accountability in representing our members, to our sponsors and to the society in general, EMHA is committed to be transparent and respectful in all its actions.

EMHA since 2006


Number of Associations under the EMHA umbrella


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