Chronic Pain project supported by EMHA

From: 8/06/2017 to 10/06/2017

Project description

We cannot allow anybody to feel alone, isolated, or ignored with their pain’ – President of Malta at the European Union Civic Prize on Chronic Pain, organised by the Active Citizenship Network

Active Citizenship Network (ACN) launched the project ”EU Civic Prize on Chronic Pain – Collecting good practices” to give evidence of the existing good practices in Europe in terms of struggle against pain, and based on the selection of the practices presented by different healthcare stakeholders. The prize provided an occasion for demonstrating what the community can offer in terms of good practices as well as sharing experiences useful for raising awareness about the condition, enhancing the body of knowledge of positive cases and success, and strengthening commitment on this topic. This initiative allowed ACN to collect 30 Good Practices received from 11 different countries: Malta 2; UK 6; Spain 8; Portugal 2; Ireland 1; Italy 6; Germany 1; Denmark 1; Finland 1; Netherlands 1; Russia 1.

Paolo Rossi, Vice-President of the EMHA was the winner for the category PATIENTS’ EMPOWERMENT: “At lessons from the expert patients: advices for the physicians to improve their care of cluster headache patients” from the Alleanza Cefalalgici Cluster, European Headache Alliance, Italy The Jury Panel commented: This work showed great innovation in gathering expert patients in four countries across Europe to assist health care practitioners in the management of Cluster Headaches. It is a very well thought out submission on an uncommon, but important, painful condition. It is good to see everyone working together to highlight this condition, which, if recognise, should improve the management of patients with this condition and improve their quality of life.

Video Gallery

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    European Civic Prize on Chronic Pain - Good Practice N. 21


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