European Migraine Day of Action 2017


Next 12th of September 2017 will take place the European Migraine Day of action. The first ever European migraine day of action took place on 2006.

Various patient support representatives, and patient organization throughout Europe are working to make the day a success.

People live with migraine but no one knows about it. Migraine needs to be visible and people need to be informed about how to handle migraine, and how to raise awareness among health professionals.

We are going to organize a Facebook life event in London together with Women´s Health and supported by Novartis, allowing real time commenting, so viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions, which we will try to answer as part of the video.

The event is due to take place at 12.30 UK time ( 13:30 CEST) at Women’s Health’s office at 33 Broadwick Street, Soho, London, W1F 9EP.

We are going to talk about different topics related to migraine, specifically about work and how to get more headspace at work. We will count with an Expert, Professor Sabina Brennan, a psychologist from Trinity College Dublin, who will give her/his opinion and will discuss how to create a less stressful workplace, improve your productivity and optimise your personal workspace in order to encourage calm – and prevent migraines.

It will be done via online, sharing everything on our Facebook page so that all of our members can share it in theirs and participate in it.

You can get the link from Women’s Health Facebook too.

We will use the Hashtag #EMDA2017 on Twitter and Facebook!

You can also join us by sharing everything your organization will be doing this day, using the same hashtag!

There will be an online article: Simple ways to reduce stress at work

Through pulling together the latest science on stress and expert opinions, this article will provide half a dozen actionable ways you can improve your mood at work and reduce stress. We will answer any questions left hanging from the Facebook Live video and tackle the problems inherent to building a career and working effectively when people suffer from migraines.

This article will be produced in 3 different languages, English, German and Spanish, however, this will take a few days to be published.

Join us for the European Migraine Day of Action!

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