XPatient Barcelona Congress 2021

XPatient Barcelona Congress 2021 With the participation of EMHA.

The XPatient Barcelona Congress is one of the main actions promoted by the XPA Barcelona (Patient Experience) – a community of practice that brings together institutions from the hospital, technology, research and administration fields – to transform the care model so that it places the patient as the key and priority element.

At the congress, the conclusions drawn from the workshops and activities of the XPA Barcelona were presented and the medical community was invited to participate in the results, in order to bring to light the initiatives and good practices and help to implement them in the health system.

The XPatient Barcelona Congress 2021 organising committee pointed out that patient experience is the third pillar of quality in healthcare, along with safety and effectiveness of treatment.

In the course of the 6th edition of the XPA Congress, technological advances that facilitate communication (instant messaging), the impact on the caregiver or the need for care services to adapt to the new situation have been highlighted.

The discussion on telemedicine has been enriching in the sense that the patients themselves identify advantages of telemedicine over face-to-face visits: telemedicine improves safety for immunocompromised patients, for example.

The perspective of six years allows us to see that from good intentions or projects we have moved on to action. Projects of territorial approach to patients’ experience, methodologies to identify unmet needs in children (using drawings) or the XPAQ survey are good examples.

A key element is patient participation. Patient participation is only possible in organisations that generate trust, participation must take place from the very beginning of the projects and accountability is fundamental to guarantee the quality of the participatory process.

Watch Elena Ruiz de la Torre‘s participation on the congress:

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