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Anti-CGRP Migraine
EMHA and Gamian
Intranasal ketamine for chronic migraine
EMHA and Prof. Peter Goadsby at BBVA.
My migraines are a super power
Managing Migraine at work
Meet the Expert: Messoud Ashina
Access to care: Spain
Access to care: Czech Republic
MTIS 2022
#GetImpatientForMigraine : Progetto Emicrania 2022
Member of EPF
XPatient Barcelona Congress 2021
Migraine in the EU: Lifting the barriers to treatment
Migraine Friendly Workplace Stamp at work: The stamp that changes it all
Managing migraine: A guide for parents by Migraine Ireland
Give visibility to the affected ones: Interview of Elena Ruiz de la Torre for Migräne magazin
New e-learning series on Personalized Healthcare: Women’s Brain Project
Three awards for the EMHA
Essentials by AEMICE: A series of interviews
The math of migraine: news by AbbVie
Life is meant to be lived, not coped with; just ask those with migraine
Portuguese EU Presidency EMHA’s contribution to the EU social summit 2021
A review of 4 REN devices to deal with migraine and CH (by CHAMP)
EMHA scientific publications
Women and Migraine: Bringing women out of the shadows
The EP Migraine Alliance, Call to Action: MEPs present their coalition to support EMHA’s advocacy campaign.
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