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Migraine Friendly Workplace Stamp at work: The stamp that changes it all
Managing migraine: A guide for parents by Migraine Ireland
Give visibility to the affected ones: Interview of Elena Ruiz de la Torre for Migräne magazin
New e-learning series on Personalized Healthcare: Women’s Brain Project
Three awards for the EMHA
Essentials by AEMICE: A series of interviews
The math of migraine: news by AbbVie
Life is meant to be lived, not coped with; just ask those with migraine
Portuguese EU Presidency EMHA’s contribution to the EU social summit 2021
A review of 4 REN devices to deal with migraine and CH (by CHAMP)
EMHA scientific publications
Women and Migraine: Bringing women out of the shadows
The EP Migraine Alliance, Call to Action: MEPs present their coalition to support EMHA’s advocacy campaign.
Migraine: a European health priority
Women at Work
Teva Migraine Day of Action and EMHA
Chronic migraine in Italy: Chronic Migraine is officially regulated as a social disease in Italy
Articles on Migraine At Work by EMHA
Policy makers: EP Migraine Alliance for Protecting the rights of people with migraine
migraine and covid-19
Covid-19 & migraine and other headaches: Webinar by Vall d’Hebron
EMHA’s 2019 Activities report
Migraine in the workplace
cluster headache song
Cluster Headache song, Germany
Suggestions for headache care at coronavirus time
EMHA and Allergan
Migraine at work
European Migraine Day of Action with MEPS in the European Parliament
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