Rethinking the workspace Light adaptations.

PHOTOPHOBIA, OR HYPERSENSITIVITY TO LIGHT, is a common symptom among people living with migraine. Inadequate lighting and sensitivity to light can act as migraine triggers at the workspace.
While incandescent light bulbs are generally considered more friendly to migraine sufferers than fluorescent bulbs, overhead lighting at the workplace can present just as much of a problem as glare on your computer screen regardless of the bulb type.


○ If it is possible, change bright or fluorescent lights near your work area, or put glare-dimming filters over them. Even though it is generally imperceptible, fluorescent lighting has a flicker, and the flicker itself is actually a migraine trigger.

○ Put a filter over your computer monitor if glare from it hurts your head or eyes. Also, make sure the brightness adjustments work for you.

○ Let you wear sunglasses in the office.

○ Turn off harsh lights above your desk, and use your own desk lamp instead.

○ Sit at a different angle from the light source to reduce the effects of the glare.

○ Put blinds or curtains over bright windows.

○ Cover any bare incandescent bulbs with a frosted or opaque glass shade.

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