Access to care: Spain

The Access to Care event: Spain

Undervalued, underdiagnosed and undertreated.
These words aptly describe the reality of a disabling neurological disease that affects over five million people in Spain: migraine. 

This type of primary headache causes recurring bouts of moderate or intense pain that may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting or extreme sensitivity to light, sound and smells.

Migraine significantly deteriorate the quality of life of those who suffer them, due to their adverse impact on professional, familial and social aspects.

In Spain, migraine is usually treated by primary care professionals, not all of whom are aware of the correct treatment of this disease. Only the most severe cases are sent to neurologists, and not all such cases are sent to headache units. It comes as no surprise, then, that migraine treatment can be improved. In this sense, experts have pointed out the insufficient use of triptans and the difficulty of access to preventive treatments (currently received by less than 15% of candidates). 

In view of this, Spanish patient organization, AEMICE has urged the Government of Spain to implement a Nationwide Strategy regarding migraine and other types of headaches as a means of:

  1. Addressing all relevant healthcare and social needs
  2. Minimising existing regional disparities
  3. Ensuring the highest possible quality of the care received

Access to Care: Spain Event

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