Diet and migraine

How to take care of your diet if you suffer migraine

30th MAY 2018

If we pay attention to what we eat, we can contribute to keeping headaches as far away from our lives as possible.

If you have migraine, you probably know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and respecting food and sleep schedules are two fundamental elements to keep them under control. But there is a third element we have that we cannot neglect, our nourishment. And it is that what we eat seems to be, in a large number of cases, closely related to certain headaches.

Beware of amines

Amines (Histamines, Tiraminas…) are substances present in many foods and, by different factors, some people do not eliminate effectively. Then they accumulate in the blood and cause headaches. If you are prone to having migraine, try to avoid foods that contain this substance in excess: blue Fish, canned food, seafood, cured cheeses, sausages such as chorizo and salami, chocolate and nuts.

Say goodbye to Sugar

White sugar is harmful to everyone, but it can also have a direct relationship with headaches. It is one of the foods that favors the vasodilation of the cerebral arteries, so it is associated with the appearance of migraines and headaches.

And sweeteners

We regret to tell you that they are not an alternative to sugar. The use of sweeteners is closely related to the onset of migraines, especially those containing Aspartame. This sweetener is one of the most used by the food industry and you can find it in a lot of soft drinks.

Dairy in moderation

As a general rule, adults do not digest dairy well because we lack the specific enzyme to do so. If we also have a tendency to migraines, fermented milk, such as cheese, we should avoid them because they contain a lot of tyramines that, as we said before, have a vasodilatory effect that causes headaches.

Go for wholemeal products

Substituting refined flour by wholemeal flours is very important for our well-being, including headaches. Wholemeal flours keep more vitamins, minerals, and fiber than the refined ones. These elements favor a slow absorption of nutrients, thus avoiding the peaks of glucose in the blood.

Run away from additives

Especially monosodium glutamate, which is used to enhance the taste of food, especially in oriental food and in processed foods such as cold cuts, pre-cooked food, condiments, and sauces. If we want to improve the headache problems we have to reduce their consumption.

What about coffee?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions for people who have migraines and do not want to give up coffee. Consuming coffee in moderation, should not influence the appearance of headaches. Now, if a person is used to taking it daily and stops doing so abruptly, the headache is almost assured. This happens because the vasoconstrictor effect of the coffee disappears, the blood vessels will relax and can cause headaches. Green tea or white tea are alternatives to coffee and are just as stimulating, but healthier.

Then what should I take after all?

Go for a healthy diet in which vegetable proteins such as legumes, green leafy vegetables, and fruits predominate. Cook in a healthy way, avoiding fried foods; Drink lots of water, it is very important to keep our organism well hydrated to avoid spasms in the arteries of the brain; And, very important, try to follow a regular meal schedule.

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