EMHA scientific publications

EMHA scientific publications encourages and participates in research that adds value to our members, as well as to all migraine patients.

The voice of patients needs to be represented in scientific migraine papers. By doing so, we are contributing to improving the possitive impact all the findings could have on the sufferers.

Read the latest scientific papers in which EMHA has collaborated here.

About EMHA scientific publications and other studies

In 2008, EMHA carried out its first ‘Access to Care’ survey among the migraine patient community to learn more on the availability of migraine treatments and the access to them in each country. 

In 2021, EMHA carried out a second ‘Access to Care‘ survey to see if any progress had been made. The survey was circulated by EMHA’s member associations in 11 EU countries and the UK to get an overview on the  hurdles patients have to overcome to get a diagnosis and treatment. The survey identifies what still needs to be done to improve the migraineurs’ quality of life and make them full part of society.

Regrettably, the 2021 survey results do not show any improvement in the management of migraine in the EU since 2008.

In order to provide focus and direction to move from plan to action, EMHA design specific projects in improving the lives of patients working actively with EMHA’s members, medical societies and gubernamental institutions to encourage an holistic approach to the understanding of headache disorders, knowing that patients will benefit from our efforts.

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