A laboratory that takes care of its employees

The following article shows a clear example of best practices at work and how important it is to have employees happy and satisfied at the workspace in order to have them working at their maximum possibilities.

The pharmaceutical laboratory AbbVie recognizes that caring for the health and the well-being of its employees has an impact on a better professional performance and in this sense, on its fifth anniversary as an independent company, it has launched a program to improve the health of its employees and the balance between their personal and professional life.

In this way, all its employees have a new service of personal advice in nutrition and physiotherapy, an initiative that adds to other programs oriented in this regard, with workshops, activities, and training on healthy habits.

Personal fulfillment, balance between personal and professional life, healthy mind and healthy body are the four axes of the new " Vitality" program, which includes nutrition advice to improve the dietary habits of its employees and raise awareness of the importance of a healthy diet for combat fatigue and improve concentration, among many other benefits.

In turn, the company will make available to the staff a physiotherapy consultation to alleviate the pain and tensions caused by poor postural habits, as well as to improve flexibility due to lack of movement at work.

But the commitment to quality employment and talent management is not new for this young laboratory but has been one of the constants of these five years as an independent company.

In Spain, 9 out of 10 employees are senior graduates and 95% have an indefinite contract. A commitment for which AbbVie has been recognized again by “Great Place to Work” as the first and only biopharmaceutical company and as the third best company in the general classification of 500 to 1,000 workers.

It also holds this recognition at European level -in 17 countries- and at world level -1st and only biopharmaceutical World's Best Workplaces-, for its commitment to the quality of employment, the work environment, and talent management.

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