The Dawn of a New Era in Migraine Awareness

A seventh of the world population, about a billion people, live in the dark, suffering in silence with migraine and its symptoms, it is a disease that, despite its impact and size, lacks the recognition it deserves.

On September 5, The European Migraine and Headache Alliance (EMHA) presented, as a special guest at 19th Congress of the International Headache Society, to launch a new movement #LightToMigraine, an initiative that will generate knowledge about what migraine and chronic headache mean, and what it represents for sufferers.

Elena Ruiz de la Torre, Executive Director of the European Migraine and Headache Alliance, promoter of this campaign, commented “a billion people in the world suffer from migraine and this makes them live in the dark. That’s why it’s vital we join forces to bring light into their lives through initiatives such as #LightToMigraine”.

EMHA presented this campaign by simulating a blackout as a metaphor for the situation in which people with migraine live. People with migraine have to deal with the same life as normal people, but the difference is that they have to suffer episodic debilitating migraine attacks all through their life. This makes them extraordinary. Far from being considered weak, they deserve recognition, respect and help from specialists and the rest of the world.

This action took place at IHC 2019 where the world’s most prestigious headache specialists share their knowledge about the latest advances in headache treatment, have invited the European patient representatives, leaded by EMHA, to shed light on this disease. In this forum, IHS President Prof. Lars Edvinsson, encouraged the importance of joining forces, scientist and patients, as that will result pressure to give more money to Migraine research.

Migraine is the sixth most disabling disease worldwide and the second most disabling neurologically. However, it remains very poorly recognized, diagnosed and treated, and lacks research support. Migraine, which affects 18% of women and 6% of men worldwide, is not just a headache, it’s a neurological disease characterized by symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, sound, tiredness and other brain disorders.

This movement seeks to engage patients, the healthcare sector, the public sector and society in general to drive research and education, thus improving patients’ quality of life, early diagnosis and access to effective treatment.

Elena concluded: “We are asking for everyone to get involved help us bring light to this disease, for that we invite you to post the #LightToMigraine, visit our website to be updates and ask us questions in how you can join this new migraine movement”.

More Info: #LightToMigraine

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