People with migraine spend 2 years of their life in bed

As we all have suffered once in our life from a “headache”, it is common to think that headache and migraine, are more or less, the same, and together we have reached the vulgarization of this disease that generates a true social misunderstanding of migreneurs.

Now, what would you think of a disease that affects more than four million people in Spain and originates more than 13 million days of work loss?

Well, this is the social reality of migraine.

But there is still another more important fact: If we take into account that an attack lasts between 12 hours and 48 hours, which forces a person to keep in bed for two days, that each patient suffers, an average from one to three attacks per month, and so for the rest of her/his life, we will find that this patient will have remained in bed, because of this condition, two years of his life!

How many diseases exist that forced such a long stay in bed for so many million people? It deserves, simply, a deeper reflection.

But, how do you distinguish a migraine from a single headache?

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