The Migraine Assistant

From EMHA we trained 5 assistants to monitor the term “Migraine” on twitter for 5 days and in 5 different countries.

As soon as someone tweeted about their pain, loneliness or desperation…someone on the other side answered them, giving information and communicating in a personalized way and in real time, that there was a movement to give voice to migraine patients.

Patients gave a good acceptance to the action, both in their opinions as well as in the data on the scope of this activity. This led us to consider repeating the action from EMHA, so as to continue being as close as possible to those who suffer from migraine.

  • 210% Increase in visits to the Landing.
  • 222% Increase in new users.
  • 58,067 Impacts.
  • 1,484 Tweets.
  • 1,180 Engagement of Twitter profiles.
  • 70% positive responses.
  • 188% Increase in sessions.
  • 163% Increase in page views.
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