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The largest patient online event in the world for headache returns this April 18-26.
The Migraine World Summit will bring together over 30 top experts, doctors and specialists to share new treatments, research and strategies for migraine and chronic headache. It is available to anyone with an internet connection.

You can find the list of speakers, topics and dates below.

The Summit runs from April 18 – 26 and starts each day at 9am Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) New York, USA. Use this free online tool to convert EDT time into your own time zone.

Each day’s talks will be available for 24 hours. You may watch the day’s sessions in any order you wish for those 24 hours until the next day’s sessions begin.

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  • The Keys to Finding New TreatmentsPeter Goadsby, MD
  • Aging with Migraine: Changes and Long-Term EffectsAllan Purdy, MD
  • How Migraine Affects Your Mood: Anxiety and DepressionDawn C. Buse, PhD
  • Tips to Ensure You’re Getting the Best Care Possible Timothy R. Smith, MD


  • The Mechanics of a Migraine in the Brain and Body David Dodick, MD
  • Understanding the Gut-Brain Connection in MigraineTrupti Gokani, MD
  • When Headaches Can Be Fatal: Warning Signs to Watch ForWilliam B. Young, MD
  • Migraine Triggers, Protectors and Severity ModifiersAlec Mian, PhD

DAY 3 | APRIL 20, 2018 | TYPES & RISKS

  • 6 Medications that can Make Migraine WorseAndrew Charles, MD
  • Concussions, Brain Injuries and MigraineJoel Saper, MD
  • Migraine, Heart and Stroke RiskJuliana VanderPluym, MD
  • Daily, Unresponsive Refractory HeadacheLawrence Newman, MD

DAY 4 | APRIL 21, 2018 | TRIGGERS

  • Menopause, Hormones and Migraine Anne MacGregor, MD
  • Surviving Weather-Related Migraine Vince Martin, MD
  • TMD/TMJ Jaw-Related Headache IssuesPaul Mathew, MD
  • How To Navigate Family and Friends with MigraineTeri Robert

DAY 5 | APRIL 22, 2018 | SYMPTOMS

  • Visual Symptoms of Migraine and Occipital NeuralgiaKathleen Digre, MD
  • Vertigo, Sinus, Allergy and other Facial SymptomsFrederick Godley, MD
  • Body Pain, Allodynia and Fibromyalgia Gretchen Tietjen, MD
  • Cluster Headache: One Man’s Journey Through Pain Scott Bruce


  • Natural, Affordable and Free TreatmentsRobert Cowan, MD
  • The Most Popular Treatments Patients Use Francois Cadiou
  • Using Acupressure and Acupuncture for Headache and Migraine Andrew Shubov, MD
  • Treatment Spotlight: Biofeedback for Migraine Control Dawn C. Buse, PhD


  • Treatment Spotlight: Triptans and Rebound Richard Lipton, MD
  • Treatment Spotlight: Nerve Blocks and InjectionsAndrew Blumenfeld, MD
  • Treatment Spotlight: Botox for Chronic Migraine Bronwyn Jenkins, MD
  • Treatment Spotlight: Anti CGRP Treatments for MigraineLars Edvinsson, MD
  • What to Expect at a Headache ClinicMatthew Robbins MD et al.

DAY 8 | APRIL 25, 2018 | LIVING

  • Fighting Stigma: “Coming Out” as a Person with Migraine Robert Shapiro, MD
  • Good Migraine Self-Care PracticesAudrey Craven
  • Applying for and Living with DisabilityAngie Glaser
  • How to Thrive in Your Career Despite MigraineSerene Branson


  • Highlights from the 2018 Migraine World SummitPaula K. Dumas & Carl Cincinnato


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See you at the summit!

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