Migraine Friendly Workplace Stamp at work: The stamp that changes it all

EMHA launches the first Migraine Friendly Workplace Stamp.

This new initiative is designed to reduce the impact of migraine in the workplace
and recognizes companies that undertake EMHA training as well as making actionable
change in the workplace.

Migraine affects over 41 million adults in Europe (prevalence 14%)1 and as migraine peaks
during individuals’ most productive years of life, sufferers’ productivity at work can be cut by
half. This represents an important cause of lost work time (17.7% of males and 28.0% of
females with migraine can lose over 10 days of activities during a 3-month period)

People living with migraine are known to conceal their migraine at work often due to the
stigma of the disease.

The Migraine Friendly Workplace Stamp aims to help address that
issue and provide employers with tools to support their employees who suffer from migraine
as well as highlighting their commitment to employee health and wellbeing.

The EMHA worked with an expert panel of migraine experts around Europe, including
neurologists such as Prof. Peter Goadsby, Prof. Messoud Ashina, Prof Zaza Katsarava, Prof
Pablo Irimia, Prof. Patricia Pozo and Prof. Dimos Mitsikostas and physicians in occupational
medicine to develop the program. Additionally, a group of corporations advised the
development including KPMG, Rolls Royce, Teva Pharmaceuticals and Lilly. The Migraine
Friendly Workplace Stamp will be rolled out at a national level with the support of local
associations who are members of the EMHA.

Elena Ruiz de la Torre, Executive Director of the European Migraine and Headache Alliance,

commented: “This initiative is an important step towards helping migraine sufferers get the

support that they need within the workplace. It also recognizes those organizations who

make a firm commitment to their employees who suffer from this disabling neurological


For participants in the scheme, there are three different levels of accreditation depending on
what activities are undertaken by the employer. These activities are all designed to ensure
the best possible working environment for migraine sufferers and range from implementing
education and awareness training, reducing risk factors in the workplace to providing
medical care and support.

For more information about the Migraine Friendly Workplace Stamp, please visit

Read all the news on the launch of the stamp at the International Headache Congress 2021:

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