Managing migraine: A guide for parents by Migraine Ireland

Managing Migraine : A guide for parents’ is a curation of Nicola Filzmoser experience with having migraine and her learnings from working with world-leading migraine & pain experts. 

For several years, Nicola has been working with world-leading migraine experts, patient organizations, and pain charities to advocate for young people and create this course. At Happyr Health, Nicola and her team develop playful pain management tools for children, teens, and young adults.

This course is for

  • Parents who are looking for help in managing their child’s migraine
  • Families on the journey to understand & manage chronic pain

How to use this course

  • As a flexible guide: Choose the order of modules based on your and your child’s needs 
  • With an open mind: Not all things work for everybody, use the course as an overview & pick your individual journey
  • As a welcoming community: Share your experiences, learnings, and questions in comments so we can support each other further

“In this course, I am passing on my personal experiences and my professional knowledge about migraine in young people. For several years, I have been working with paediatric neurologists, pain experts, migraine advocates and charities across the globe. In the following modules, I am presenting you with a guide that helps you to manage migraine as a family. This will always be a very individual journey but I have curated this resource based on the latest scientific findings and expertise from the migraine community.” Nicola says.

Learn more on the course by following the link

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