Three awards for the EMHA

Three awards for the EMHA and The Migraine Movement, led by the EMHA, during this year.

The EFNA advocacy awards announced the EMHA and Elena Ruiz de la Torre, executive director of the association, as the 2021 winner. This honorable recognition, puts on the spotlight all the hard work the EMHA has been doing to give visibility to migraine.

The Missing Lesson project denounced that only 4 hours of migraine were studied at universities. This innovative project, for which a dedicated instagram account was created to teach more about migraine, was the winner of this award season. In the category Health and Parma, medicines and pharmacies at the WINA festival, it achieved an honourable mention. In addition, at the ASPID awards in the medical marketing category, the project won a silver medal.

“We set out to do our bit so that these doctors would have more tools in their hands and patients would be able to find accurate information. We created the subject that these doctors never studied in their pharmacy faculties. Through an innovative way of capturing the information, an instagram page:”

A great start for the first year of this Migraine Movement.

Learn more on the winning projects here

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