Essentials by AEMICE: A series of interviews

Within the documentary ‘Essentials: The role of patients’ associations in the health and social system in the COVID era by AEMICE’ we present a series of interviews with the associations.

In this interview, AEMICE talks with Elena Ruiz de la Torre on the importance of the patient’s role in the health system.

“We have been in quarantine but we have not stopped, we have been behind the computer, behind the phone, listening and attending to all the patients and all the people who have needed it”.

says Elena about the time spent in lockdown.

Watch the whole interview Essentials: The role of patients by AEMICE on AEMICE’s Youtube channel:


AEMICE is the Spanish Migraine and Headache Association. We group, represent and accompany people suffering from migraine and other headaches.
Headaches are one of the most common disorders of the nervous system. Sometimes the pain can be so intense and severe that it can affect everyday life, as is the case with migraine.
There are many types of headaches, some of which manifest themselves as a consequence of another underlying disease, while many others become chronic and accompany us throughout our lives.
Migraine, for example, is perhaps the most disabling headache, and did you know that 50% of sufferers are severely or very severely disabled?
AEMICE aims to raise awareness of the impact of migraine and other headaches and their impact on everyday life. In addition, we want to accompany all people who suffer from headaches and their families, educate them to learn how to manage the disease and to be able to live with a better quality of life.
From the Association we want to make society, health institutions, the industry, the media and patients aware of the need to make headache visible. Only if we work together can we achieve this.

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