Rethinking the workspace Reducing noise triggers.

SOUND SENSITIVITY OR PHONOPHOBIA is also a symptom of migraine. Loud noises at an office are usual, whether it is a phone ringing, a machine working or overlapping conversations.

While for some workers this workplace noise helps them be productive, for others (and not only those who suffer from migraine) it can lead to more stress, fatigue and other health issues.

Some ideas to help reduce this issue become a migraine trigger could be:

○ Letting employees who suffer from migraine to work with noise-canceling headphones or ear plugs, that way, the ambiance noise can be reduced.

○ Keep non urgent notifications, such as emails or text messages, on mute or at a low volume.

○ Create “silent rooms”. They could be spaces in which to work or rest under the condition that silence must be kept.

○ Encourage meetings or casual chats to be held in designated conference rooms or break rooms. By doing so, the general noise can be easily reduced.

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