Bringing the friendly workplace home Work from home guide.

Work from home guide.

WORK FROM HOME GUIDE. Working from home can be a great alternative to reduce the migraine triggers that may happen at a workplace.
However, to make a migraine-friendly workplace at home, there are some considerations to take into account.
It is important to set up a dedicated space, rather than to work from the bed or the couch. This will have a positive impact not only on the posture, but on creating an office-like routine at home.

Research shows that migraine patients have more neck dysfunction than the general population. To avoid neck and back pain that may trigger a migraine, sit up straight with shoulders back and chin up.
Also, make sure you take regular breaks and non-screen activity. During these breaks, you can do some stretching exercises or small walks around your house or neighborhood. Standing up for some minutes can also work to relieve back pain, muscle tension and neck strain. If you need to relieve some back tension, resting against a pillow or a rolled towel can be an effective idea.

Make sure that your monitor, desk and seat have been properly set up to make your working life much easier and lower the likelihood of a migraine. Some tips to set up your workspace properly are:

○ Position your chair and work area so that your head is vertical to your neck.

○ Make sure your knees are leveled with your hips.

○ Set the computer monitor to arm’s length from your face.

○ Relax your shoulders.

○ Rest your hands at or below elbow level, with the wrists in a neutral position.

Controlling light is important when you set up a home office. People with Migraine are more visually sensitive and prone to photophobia.
Like at the office, you can use a desk lamp and avoid harsh and fluorescent light fixtures above your working area.
Keep in mind that glare can also be an issue at home, so when needed, use curtains and blinds to avoid disturbing sunlight and make sure your screen’s brightness is correctly set.

Make your workspace comfortable for you to work there without stressing out. Adding plants to the room or setting the working area near a window can help you be distracted from the job tension and as a result, be more productive.


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