Rethinking the workspace Odor free spaces.

ODOR FREE SPACES. Companies usually have policies regarding exposure to fragrance as well as smoking.
However, if that’s not your workplace case, here are some useful ideas to tackle the smell triggers at work.

○ It’s a difficult situation to address a coworker whose perfume or scent is triggering your migraine. Consider asking them personally or through your manager to be conscious of their choice of products. Avoid causing tension or making them feel embarrassed by explaining your situation.

○ When possible, change to a desk that is far from possible unwanted scents or at a point with no air circulation. If the trigger is too strong, you may consider requesting an enclosed workspace. This may reduce the exposure to the environment and other coworkers’ fragrances.

○ Use an air purifier or a portable desk fan. There are some small and silent ones that will clean the air while not bothering your colleagues.

○ A flexible schedule will allow you to work on the hours where less people are at the office, and as a result, less exposure to scent triggers.

○ Masks can be a good alternative to shield you from strong scents or fragrances.

○ Take regular breaks to catch some fresh air. This will also help to release the tension and clear your head to be more productive.

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