Suggestions for headache care at coronavirus time

Suggestions for headache care at coronavirus time by  The European Headache Federation (EHF) and The European Migraine & Headache Alliance (EMHA)

Coronavirus pandemia has completely changed health systems’ organization and priorities.

Headache service are heavily affected by those changes. They have been suspended or reduced, to limit social contacts. Patients also would rather stay at home.

Provide suggestions to improve self-care during coronavirus:

  • Have adequate supply of medications.
  • Control the intake of analgesics.
  • Mantain regular sleep-wake cycle.
  • Have an adequate hydration.
  • Avoid over-eating and triggers.
  • Practice relaxation techniques.
  • Try to mantain a daily routine.
  • Keep active.

Rethink in person visits and headache treatment:

Define priorities: who is in need to be consulted urgently and who can be postponed. Both patients and physicians should wear protection systems. Advise patients to come alone unless a companion is really needed. Distance the appointments, to avoid patients stay in the waiting room.

One physician, one patient. Avoid overcrowding with personel not strictly necessary. In rare cases headaches may be presenting symptoms of Coronavirus infection.

Favor remote care of migraine patients and headache care at coronavirus time.

Use telemedicine for consultations (phone calls, emails, videoconferences) this last option is the preferred one, as it it offers a more comprehensive opportunity to interact with patients.

Suggest the use of apps which allow data sharing between patients and physicians.

Organize home delivery for medicines.

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