Migraine Association of Ireland

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Migraine Awareness Week 2018 MAI held an accredited Health Care Professional Seminar, during which two international speakers presented on Migraine: Diagnosis and Treatment, and the Development of the new Anti-CGRP medication. Prof. Lars Edvinsson and Prof. Allan Purdy, both members of the IHS, followed this up by doing a webinar for members of the Irish Pharmacy Union In conjunction with this, MAI has been running a campaign ‘A Headache a Day is not Okay’ to encourage migraineurs to consult with their pharmacist regarding medication and treatment for migraine, while avoiding Medication Overuse Headache. MAI is also encouraging pharmacists to build [...]

How to access innovative treatments by FindMeCure Foundation

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FindMeCure Widget  Medical science has been rapidly advancing in the recent decades and we can prove that with many examples: new therapies for diabetes, the first vaccine for the prevention of cervical cancer, oral treatments for Hepatitis C curing more than 90% of the cases, the first Lupus drug in 50 years, personalized medicines to treat the most dangerous types of skin cancer, genome editing, immunotherapy eradicating cancer cells, and many many more. And we all remember the end of AIDS and how medicine turned the HIV infection into a chronic condition that no longer threatens one’s life. Ask scientists [...]


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#MoveForMigraine Migraine remains an overlooked and misunderstood condition in many parts of Europe, including Belgium. The disease suffers from a lack of recognition and understanding, even from the first concerned parties (patients, caregivers, employers, etc.). This comes at a significant burden for the patients and at a high cost for society (1,650,000 working days lost every year in Belgium). #Move4Migraine is an independent, multidisciplinary platform that brings patients and actors from the healthcare, labour world and civil society together. Mik Ver Berne, chair of the Belgian Headache Association and member of the European Migraine Headache Alliance (EMHA), participates in the [...]

EPF publishes a guide for patient organisations on the new Data Protection Regulation

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The new Regulation on personal data protection (EU/2016/679) was published in May 2016 and will apply from May 2018. It provides more rights to citizens to be better informed about the use made of their personal data, and gives clearer responsibilities to people and entities using personal data. Patients’ fundamental right to protection of their health data is an important issue in diverse contexts such as healthcare, including care given through eHealth or in a cross-border healthcare context, and research (clinical trials, clinical investigations, epidemiological research, patient registries…). In this regard, EPF has drafted a guide for patients and patient organisations to explain what [...]

European Patients’ Rights Day, TODAY, April 18

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Patients claim their right to participate in Decision about their HEalth Patients have the right to participate in making decisions about their health, either through patient organizations in public policies that affect them or through the sharing of information and consensus with their doctor, for example, about what treatment to follow. This is one of the main proposals of the Platform of Patient Organizations on the occasion of the European Day of Patients' Rights 2018. To achieve this level of participation, patients must advance in the rights of information, the right of access and the right of free choice, which [...]


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Finish headache magazine Text: Mirva Hämäläinen (Ed. Herttakaisa Kettunen)This article was first published in Finnish in Migraine Association of Finland’s magazine Päänsärky. It was translated by volunteer Ms Venla Kallio. Ms Mirva Hämäläinen is also a volunteer in Migraine Association of Finland   For her master's thesis, Mirva Hämäläinen collected reports from people with migraine about the effects and meaning of migraine in their lives. The reports revealed, for example, that the best support comes from people who are guaranteed to understand each other because of similar experiences. Mirva Hämäläinen has had migraines for a few years and unspecified headaches since [...]

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