Give visibility to the affected ones: Interview of Elena Ruiz de la Torre for Migräne magazin

EMHA at Migräne magazin informs europe-wide about migraine and tries to improve conditions for the sufferers. In this interview Elena de la Torre, Executive Director of EMHA, talks about achievements, actual projects and her personal motivation (to campaign for EMHA).

Raising awareness about migraine throughout Europe and improving conditions for sufferers:
This is what the European Migraine & Headache Alliance (EMHA) is working towards. In this interview
Executive Director Elena Ruiz de la Torre talks about what has already been achieved, current projects and her personal motivation.

Part of the interview by Migräne magazin

mm: How does the organisation make politicians aware of the concerns of headache
of headache patients?
Ruiz de la Torre: The EMHA has launched a
launched a Europe-wide political awareness campaign,
to make migraine a European and national health priority. To this end
it has made several proposals to the
the European Commission,
the European Parliament and
the Member States,
to improve the lives of people
people with migraine. For
more attention, the
EMHA is raising awareness with pan-European
events such as the 2020 webinar “The Missing Lesson”.
The Missing Lesson” webinar. It showed how
deficits in the training of medical
medical professionals on the diagnosis
and treatment of migraine patients. Another webinar was on the topic of
“Women and migraine; we also published a policy paper on women’s migraine in 2021.
a policy paper on women
and migraine. In the meantime, we have many activities under
the #TheMigraineMovement. We
also take part in consultations,
for example with the World Health Organisation (WHO),
we use social media to inform
We also participate in consultations, for example with the World Health Organisation (WHO), use social media to inform stakeholders and work with other headache and medical organisations.

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