Move For Migraine

Move For Migraine

Migraine remains an overlooked and misunderstood condition in many parts of Europe, including Belgium. The disease suffers from a lack of recognition and understanding, even from the first concerned parties (patients, caregivers, employers, etc.). This comes at a significant burden for the patients and at a high cost for society (1,650,000 working days lost every year in Belgium).

#Move4Migraine is an independent, multidisciplinary platform that brings patients and actors from the healthcare, labour world and civil society together. Mik Ver Berne, chair of the Belgian Headache Association and member of the European Migraine Headache Alliance (EMHA), participates in the works of the patients: “From the testimonials and expertise of patients, caregivers, employers and other concerned stakeholders, we aim with #Move4Migraine at raising awareness of migraine, improving the quality of life of the patient and his close entourage, and reducing the impact of migraine on society, and this through concrete actions”.

#Move4Migraine has been working towards a ‘call to action’ including 8 action points, based on the discussions of the platform and addressed to political, health and labour actors:

Information and awareness

  1. Correct information for the patient and his entourage
  2. Establishment of a Foundation against Migraine
  3. Empowerment of the patient through better access to health information
  4. Information about excessive use of medication or a non-appropriate treatment

Better and larger lifelong training for primary care professionals

  1. Increasing knowledge on migraine through training primary care professionals
  2. Clear data on the health-economic implications of migraine on society to be able to take more efficient and targeted actions

Managing migraine on the workplace

  1. Setting a framework for an easy and discreet use of the resting room
  2. Setting a regime for employees with frequent periods of short-term absence due to health problems

The call to action was presented at a round table in Belgium’s Federal Parliament, on the 20.09.2018. More than 50 people from the health care, the political sphere, civil society and labour world attended the event.

More interesting news about the Belgian Headache Society

During the last Federal Parliament Meeting, Mr Damien Thiery (Chamber of Representation) manifested his interest on participating in the future Federal Parliament meeting of 2019 as he personally asked during the event to Mrs Mik ver Berne he would love to assist to the 2019 edition.

More information
Contact person for Belgium: Mik Ver Berne (Headache Association) –

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