Teva Migraine Day of Action and EMHA

EMHA and Teva Migraine Day of Action are calling on healthcare professionals to support timely diagnosis and treatment for migraines, as research from Teva shows 42% of migraine sufferers are not satisfied with their prescribed treatment.

Many people think that migraine is just a headache, but for people living with migraines it’s a debilitating condition.

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My Migraine Voice survey: a global study of disease burden among individuals with migraine for whom preventive treatments have failed (presented during Teva Migraine Day of Action)

This study was conducted worldwide (31 countries across North and South Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region) using an online survey administered to adults with migraine who reported ≥4 MMDs in the 3 months preceding survey administration, with pre-specified criteria of 90% having used preventive migraine treatment (80% with history of ≥1 treatment failure). Prophylactic treatment failure was defined as a reported change in preventive medication by individuals with migraine for any reason, at least once.

The burden of migraine is substantial among this cohort of individuals with at least 4 migraine days per month and for whom at least 1 preventive migraine treatment had failed. Interestingly, respondents reported some positive aspects in their migraine journey; the greater resilience and strength brought on by coping with migraine suggests that if future treatments could address existing unmet needs, these individuals with migraine will be able to maximize their contribution to society.

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