Migraine and Headache International patient Advocacy Summit (MHIPAS)

Our General Assembly [GA] and the 1 st Migraine and Headache International Patient Advocacy Summit [MHIPAS], was held between Thursday, May 10 th and Sunday, May 13 th , at the NH Schiphol Airport Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

60 participants from all around the world shared three days of interesting presentations and roundtables about how to move Migraine and Cluster Headache to a much more understanding position by the Policy Makers and the General Society.

A big group of stakeholders from different positions spent three days trying to find out the best messages that include the real burden of the condition to work with and to be sent to the Media, Social Media and to the World. Unity from all around the world is needed at this exciting times and to avoid that the message is diluted is one of the main concerns of the E.H.A
  • 18 European Delegates from different Countries,
  • 1 Delegate from Australia,
  • 2 Delegates from Canada,
  • 1 Delegate from USA,
  • 1 Delegate from Brazil,
  • 2 delegates from México
Prof. Lars Edvinsson, President of the IHS, from Sweden
Prof. David Dodick from IHS and Medical Director of the Headache Programme of the Mayo Clinic (Arizona-USA),
Prof. Peter Goadsby from Migraine Trust and Director of NIHR-Welcome Trust Clinical Research Facility
Prof. Antoinette Maasen Van der Brick from the EHF
Dr. Maria Teresa Bernal, representing the Occupational Doctors.
Platforms and other Organizations as:
  • European Brain Council
  • American Migraine Foundation. USA
  • Curelator
  • Migraine Buddy
  • Mexican Association of Migraine
  • Migraine Canada
  • Migraine Quebec
  • Active Citizen Network
  • University of Cork
  • University of Basque Country
More understanding, respect, less stigma and a higher level of activation around the affected community were detected as important needs too.  On this sense,  ongoing projects were presented, and multidisciplinary groups with Patients, Science and Industry delegates have been created in order to move forwards an achieve the goals.
The Summit has been a great success with a very active networking among all the participants and has been possible thanks to the support of Novartis, Lilly, Teva, Grunenthal, ATI, Curelator and Redmond Consulting.


Final Total Agenda MHIPAS

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