Migraine Association of Ireland

Migraine Awareness Week 2018

  • MAI held an accredited Health Care Professional Seminar, during which two international speakers presented on Migraine: Diagnosis and Treatment, and the Development of the new Anti-CGRP medication. Prof. Lars Edvinsson and Prof. Allan Purdy, both members of the IHS, followed this up by doing a webinar for members of the Irish Pharmacy Union
  • In conjunction with this, MAI has been running a campaign ‘A Headache a Day is not Okay’ to encourage migraineurs to consult with their pharmacist regarding medication and treatment for migraine, while avoiding Medication Overuse Headache. MAI is also encouraging pharmacists to build their knowledge of Migraine and Headache so that they know how best to support people and can refer them to MAI for more information and support. The knowledge of pharmacists is a much-underused resource in Migraine and Headache. For information on this see this link.
  • The association is also focussing on Cork, Ireland’s second city during Migraine Awareness Week. Regional Development Officer, Denis Ryan along with members of Cork Regional Group will hold information stands at the Irish Mens Sheds Gathering 2018, a workplace event in Cork County Council, a free information evening in Cork City and stands in several local pharmacies…

Migraine Information Leaflets

  • MAI has recently had the main Migraine information leaflet translated into several languages to make information accessible to as many people as possible in Ireland’s cosmopolitan population. Migraine and Headache cross all boundaries, but it can be difficult to access information in a language other than English. At the moment they are available in the following 7 languages, Arabic, French, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Polish, Romanian and Spanish. Hoping to expand this list in the future.  They are free to download by following this link.

More Health Care Professional Events planned

  • Towards the end of 2018 MAI is planning several Health Care Professional Events targeting specific disciplines in Migraine and Headache management, including GPs, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Paediatric Staff. You can follow their events by clicking here.
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