Congratulations Kalina!!

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We would like to give the warmest and biggest congratulations to our Board Officer and Cluster Headache Delegate, Kalina Tyminski!!! We are beyond proud to announce that Mrs. Tyminski just received a Certificate of Commendation for Young Volunteer Advocate from the EFNA Advocacy Awards 2018.  Thank you for all your hard work, dedication, outstanding contribution and always enormous effort for our cause. Keep the great work!

Arnold Neuralgia/Recurrent occipital pain cause

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Recurrent, troublesome occipital pain associated with muscular tension is known as Arnold's neuralgia, a strange condition. The condition of peripheral nerves can produce the pain of varying intensity as a reflex mechanism, depending on the degree of damage being considered. Some anatomical locations are often associated with these syndromes, with the exception of the occipital region, in which it is rare to identify these elements. Occipital neuralgia is easy to diagnose and can be managed with pharmacological treatment, although there are some additional more invasive therapies in refractory cases. It's about their peculiarities what we'll talk about next. WHY IS [...]

Galcanezumab-Cluster headache

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Prevention of episodic cluster headache: Primary endpoint achieved in Phase 3 study 16/05/2018 Eli Lilly and Company announced that Galcanezumab met with the primary endpoint in a Phase 3 trial of episodic cluster headache patients, the statistically significant differences in reducing headache attacks In weekly clusters compared to placebo during the weeks one to three two-month double-blind treatment time shows. Weekly Cluster headache attacks A statistically significantly higher percentage of patients treated with galcanezumab also achieved a reduction in weekly cluster headache attacks by at least 50 percent compared to placebo in Week 3, the criterion of Secondary valuation. Security [...]

Cluster Headache Awareness Day 2018

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[CHAD] organised together with the EMHA Cluster Headache Special Interest Group [CHSIG], which will be held on March 21 st in Paris. The draft programme is attached. The theme for this year will be “ Shaping a painless future for Cluster Headache”. During the event different important topics regarding CH will be discussed such as personal experiences, current situation and difficulties, new treatments and possibilities as well as alternative therapies. Moreover, a document called “Paris Declaration” will be signed by the attendees and released at the end of the day. This document, which would have been previously elaborated by the [...]

Making Visible The Invisible On Headache Pain

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On the 24 of January 2018, from 10.00 to 12:00, will be celebrated inside the European Parliament (Room ASP A3F383) a meeting focused on: "Making Visible The Invisible On Headache Pain: Sharing Successful Experiences Across Europe".    Register here for the 24 of January 2018.   The initiative is promoted by Active Citizenship Network in partnership with the European Headache Alliance (EMHA), and it will be hosted by the MEP Sofia Ribeiro, one of the supporters of the Interest Group “European Patients’ Rights & Cross-Border Healthcare”. The aim of the event is to continue to explore recent achievements and good practices on the management of some primary headaches - in particular migraine [...]

Cluster Headache

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Often called 'suicide headaches', around 130,000 people in the UK suffer from the debilitating condition, cluster headaches. They are excruciating attacks of pain on one side of the head. The pain can be so bad that sufferers sometimes harm themselves to distract themselves from the pain. Now, a new study has been launched to try and discover what causes these headaches. Tim Muffett has been to find out more…A warning that some viewers might find some images in this film distressing. Credits: BBC

Cluster Headache vs. Migraine

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Cluster headaches and migraines both cause pain, but they are two different conditions. A cluster headache is a headache that occurs several times in a day, and it is short in length and very painful. Cluster headaches may only affect one side of the head and pain is usually felt around the eyes. They can occur at any time of day, but they typically occur or worsen in the fall or spring months (during seasonal changes). Cluster headaches can last for days or months and then go into remission so a person doesn’t experience them for quite some time. Cluster [...]

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