Shift work and migraine

Shift work and migraine— A systematic review Typical characteristics of the migraine headache are unilateral location, throbbing or pulsating quality, aggravation by routine physical activity and head movements, as well as the association with photophobia, phonophobia, gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea and emesis, as well as cutaneous allodynia and dizziness. Migrain is a chronic neurological …

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Mindfulness and Chronic Migraine

Mindfulness, pharmacological prophylaxis and Chronic Migraine MINDFULNESS AND PHARMACOLOGICAL PROPHYLAXIS AFTER WITHDRAWAL FROM MEDICATION OVERUSE IN PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC MIGRAINE: AN EFFECTIVENESS TRIAL WITH A ONE-YEAR FOLLOW-UP.Chronic Migraine (CM) is a disabling condition, worsened when associated with Medication Overuse (MO). Mindfulness is an emerging technique, effective in different pain conditions, but it has yet to …

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