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EMHA Rome Meeting

On Thursday 30th November, one day before the EHF Congress opens,  and Friday 1st December, EMHA will create an opportunity to bring together our member organisations in Rome. The programme includes a workshop on access to treatment, an update on EMHA activities and an opportunity to meet representatives from industry.  More detailed programmes are attached.  Day 1-Agenda Rome NOVARTIS (2).doc (1) Day

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Patient Solidarity Day 2018

On Friday 7 December 2018, patient advocates and stakeholders from all world regions will stand together, united in a celebration of Patient Solidarity Day (PSD). This year’s theme is about ‘Safe Medication and Healthcare for All’ and it aims to raise awareness on these critical global public health issues and advocate for access to safe, quality and appropriate medicines

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Migraine: a European health priority

Aldo Patriciello hosted the webinar ” The Missing Lesson ” lead by EMHA inside the context of the Yearly European Migraine Day to expose the socio-economic burden of Migraine, its challenges and difficulties to diagnose and to treat as well as a Call to Action with political recommendations. The document proposes a series of recommendations

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Women and Migraine: Bringing women out of the shadows

Brussels, 23 March 2021 Today, EMHA and the European Parliament Migraine Alliance organised a webinar to raise awareness about the hurdles women with migraine have to overcome and call for action. The call for action is embedded in EMHA’s Policy Paper on ‘Women and Migraine: Bringing women out of the shadows’ that was launched at the

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European Patients’ Rights Day, TODAY, April 18

Patients claim their right to participate in Decision about their Health Patients have the right to participate in making decisions about their health, either through patient organizations in public policies that affect them or through the sharing of information and consensus with their doctor, for example, about what treatment to follow. This is one of

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Cluster Headache Awareness Day 2018 ( CHAD )

CHAD organised together with the EMHA Cluster Headache Special Interest Group [CHSIG], which will be held on March 21st in Paris. The draft programme is attached. The theme for this year will be “ Shaping a painless future for Cluster Headache”. During the event different important topics regarding CH will be discussed such as personal

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