Migraine in Europe

Poor medical care for people with migraine in Europe. EUROLIGHT STUDY—Migraine in Europe.Migraine is prevalent everywhere, and disabling. It is also neglected: consequently, it is underdiagnosed and undertreated. We analysed data from the Eurolight study on consultations and utilization of migraine-specific medications as indicators of adequacy of medical care in Europe. The study Migraine is […]

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Dealing with Headache

Dealing with Headache: Sex Differences in the Burden of Migraine‐ and Tension‐Type Headache. DEALING WITH HEADACHE: The aim of this study was to investigate sex differences in the burden of migraine and tension‐type headache (TTH). Background Migraine and TTH are more common in women than in men, with differences in comorbidities, treatment responses, disease‐modifying factors,

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Work from home guide

Bringing the friendly workplace home— Work from home guide. WORK FROM HOME GUIDE. Working from home can be a great alternative to reduce the migraine triggers that may happen at a workplace.However, to make a migraine-friendly workplace at home, there are some considerations to take into account.It is important to set up a dedicated space,

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Rethinking the workspace- Reducing noise triggers.

Rethinking the workspace— Reducing noise triggers. SOUND SENSITIVITY OR PHONOPHOBIA is also a symptom of migraine. Loud noises at an office are usual, whether it is a phone ringing, a machine working or overlapping conversations. While for some workers this workplace noise helps them be productive, for others (and not only those who suffer from

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Rethinking the workspace Ergonomics and physical comfort.

Rethinking the workspace— Ergonomics and physical comfort. PHYSICAL STRESS (DUE TO POOR ERGONOMICS AND LACK OF PHYSICAL COMFORT) ARE AS IMPORTANT TO ADDRESS AS EMOTIONAL STRESS, so as to avoid them triggering a migraine attack. Working long hours sitting in front of a screen can lead to poor posture, resulting from being hunched over the

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